Chris Lewis for School Board, At Large


Kids need more “runways” when they graduate from Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS). The only one we’ve continually invested in is for pursuing a 4-year college education. We must fund the building of other paths for high school graduates, and then promote those paths as vigorously as we do college and university enrollment. Young people should be equally encouraged to discover their creativity and passions in areas that may not always lie within our idea of traditional academic pursuits


Dept of Education Secretary Cardona has it exactly right. We must enable and empower teachers and it’s as simple as remembering our A-B-Cs. We first empower them by ensuring they have the professional (A)utonomy they were educated for and rely on, then we create (B)etter working environments for them where they can create the conditions for our students to thrive, and we must (C)ompensate them as the professionals that they are; allowing them the freedom and time to bring passion and creativity into their classrooms.

Healthy Kids

Kids need healthy bodies, minds, and spirits to realize their full potential and grow into the best versions of themselves. Our best teachers are building the bonds and relationships with their students so that they recognize the signs when students are struggling and can engage and hopefully shortcut the feeling of sadness or despair. As a School Board, it’s our responsibility to make sure the resources are in place at every school that teachers and students can rely on to get kids the help they need in a timely fashion.

Prof Tech High

I’ve had the privilege of seeing up close the remarkable success our Academy teachers and students demonstrate every day and in areas that are fundamentally different from our traditional high school programs. Students learn construction, carpentry, electrical, cybersecurity and computer networking skills in these concentrated programs and we must now meet the moment and expand these programs into a dedicated high tech high allowing students to build their own specialized skillsets.

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